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Our pupils were given a brief history and significance of the Nc'wala Ceremony by the Ngoni dancers. The Nc'wala Ceremony usually takes place every last weekend of February. This year, it takes place on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

A brief background of the Nc'wala Ceremony:

Nc’wala is an annual traditional ceremony where the Ngoni people of the Eastern Province of Zambia come together during the last weekend of February to pay homage to their chief Mpezeni and God for the gift of the first fruits and food. The N’cwala ceremony takes place every year on the last Saturday of February at Mtenguleni Village in Chipata.

The Nc’wala traditional ceremony sparks various activities which are centered around the ceremony including the Ungoni Exhibition which is presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Arts at Luangwa House and visits to the Nsingo Community Museum where people turn up in numbers to learn more about the History of the Ngoni people. The Museum has various Ngoni cultural items on display and has a lot of history about the migration of the Ngoni speaking people from present-day KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to Chipata, Eastern Province – Zambia.


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