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Last Day of Term 2

At Crownhill School, we strongly believe in rewarding our children. Rewards are often necessary when it comes to helping students achieve their academic goals.

Some of our pupils received certificates and those in Grades 5, 6 and 7 were granted Scholarships after obtaining position Number One.

Well done to those who performed extremely well!

Cishomyo Milimo (Nursery A)

Lombe Kasonde (Reception)

Themba Nshenda (Reception)

Temwani Musonda (Reception)

Favour Shanabwato (Reception)

Wala Phiri (Grade 1)

Sarah Mukupa (Grade 2)

Tapewa Tembo (Grade 3)

Seraphine Magawa (Grade 4)

Jethro M'Kandawire (Grade 3)

Hope Mambwe (Grade 4)

Precious Chifwima (Grade 4)

Angel Kifumbato (Grade 4)

Kondwani Sakala (Grade 5)

Thokodzile Chimbo (Grade 6)

Chikulupiliro Banda (Grade 7)

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