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JETS CLUB Experiment

The JETS Club was inspired by JETS Zambia which has been running for the last 40+ years. This organisation was started by a group of scientists in 1968 during a Zambia Association for Science Education meeting.

During this history making meeting, the scientists seized the opportunity to co-ordinate school science clubs through a formal organisation that they decided to call Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS).

The idea behind the formation of JETS was to popularize science and mathematics in schools.

Their mission is to 'promote the production and display of high quality scientific and mathematical projects that provide solutions to local problems.'

JETS is all about providing young people with a better foundation in science and mathematics and giving youths an opportunity to learn and apply scientific principles in the design and construction of scientific and technical items.

These objectives are being met through the popular JETS Fairs promoted by many schools.

Here are some pictures of an experiment that was conducted in the JETS Club at Crownhill School.


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