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Musical Chairs!

Today, our pupils played 'Musical Chairs' also known as 'Freeze Dance'. This musical statues game is a fun party activity that you may also have played at some point in time.

This game offers numerous benefits, beyond the enjoyment and giggles.


1. Concentration/Focus

Playing musical statues is a great way to develop your child’s concentration and focus.

While playing the game, a child must pay attention to the music and movements of those around them while dancing.

If they get too caught up in the fun of dancing and ignore the signals, they could continue moving after the music stops.

2. Listening Skills

Little ears must listen closely while the children are dancing. As soon as the music stops, their feet should follow suit.

3. Gross Motor Skills

As they dance, kids exercise the large muscles in their legs, arms, and entire torso.

4. Extra Energy Use

The movement in playing musical statues helps kids expend some of their pent-up energy. This can make it easier for children to later settle down, listen, and deal with a quieter learning activity.

5. Position in Space Related to Others

Beyond the fact that not bumping into others is one of the rules, children want to avoid injury caused by knocking into someone else while dancing.

They gain a realistic feel for how much distance is necessary to ensure safety.

6. Self-Regulation

In general, kids do not like to lose or be called “out.” This game presents practice in dealing with losing gracefully.

Introverted children often have trouble handling the idea that others are “looking at them,” so this offers experience in managing those feelings, as well.

7. Musical Appreciation

Expand children’s exposure to various types of music with musical statues. Try different types of music they might not have as much exposure to, such as classical or jazz.

8. Self-Expression

Free dancing offers children the opportunity to express their emotions.

Here are some photos of the day below:

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