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Term 3, 2022

Term 3 has been great.

We had a few pupils who perfomed extremely well; surpassing their classmates and gaining the number one position in their classes.


1. Enhanced Self Esteem:

Rewarding pupils for their efforts suggests that their hard work is appreciated. This is a powerful mindset to have in the classroom and can encourage pupils to feel better about the work they complete, as well as themselves. This promotes feelings of pride, which goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

2. Motivated Pupils

It’s hard to put work into classwork when you feel like there’s nothing in it for you except a letter or number. Through a reward system, pupils will have immediate recognition to look forward to. Motivating pupils to learn is one of the issues teachers face and having a proper reward system can solve this problem.

3. Completed Homework

Homework can seem like an obstacle to some pupils. But, they can’t digest the content they learn in class without homework. You can promote the completion of homework and projects by rewarding assignments done individually and in groups.

4. Improved Classroom Behaviour

Appropriate pupil behavior improves the overall classroom experience in many ways. For one, pupils feel more comfortable doing work if everyone else is doing it. Also, teachers get comfortable, allowing them to concentrate on the lesson and interactive activities. By rewarding those who follow classroom rules — like kindness between peers and following safety measures — you incentivize your students to perform better in class.

Here are some photos from the last day of Term 3, including those who were award for their fantastic performances in the End of Term tests.

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