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Welcome to Term 1, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy New Year and warm welcome to all Crownhill School pupils and parents. We hope you had a wonderful time during the holidays.

Please be reminded of the following:

Student Attire

Pupils are to be dressed in their school uniforms from Monday to Thursday. Pupils may wear their P.E. attires on Fridays only.

Mobile Phone Policy

In order to provide a conducive learning environment for your child, we strongly discourage your child from bringing electronic devices or other expensive items to school. In particular, mobile phones are a great source of distraction for pupils in the classroom.

We also urge our members of staff not to use their mobile phones during lessons. For emergency cases or any enquiries, parents/guardians are advised to call the School Administration on 0972080116 or 0974108594.

Administrative Matters Verification of Student Details Report

It is important for the school to have your latest and most accurate contact information to maintain regular communication with you and to refer to in times of emergency. Please assist to verify the information on the Enrolment Forms.

Safety Matters (COVID-19)

To ensure that schools remain a safe place for teaching and learning, Crownhill school will continue to observe pupils and observe safe distancing among students and staff as well as the continuance of taking temperatures of pupils. Pupils who are unwell with flu-like symptoms such as a fever or a cough are reminded to seek medical attention and stay away from school.

Pupils staying with un-well family members with flu-like symptoms should not come to school.

We wish you all a glorious new year.

Crownhill School

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