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End of Term 2, 2019

Dear All,

Term Two has ended without interruptions.

Major events in Term Two:

1. Nursery B Pupils had an enjoyable outing to Brookside Ranch

2. Spelling Competition at school for lower and upper classes – Congratulations to Hope Mambwe (G4) and Chikhulupiliro Banda (G7) for respectively winning the lower and upper primary spelling competitions.

3. Quiz competitions for Upper Primary was won by Grade 7 and lower primary was won by Grade 4.

4. Nine Pupils represented the school at the World Anti-Drug Commemoration, whose theme was ‘Health for Justice, Justice for Health’.

5. 38 Pupils under the age of 5 received Vitamin A Supplementation and were dewormed at school

Cyclone Idai: At the end of Term One, we raised K3,304.50 (Zambian Kwacha), K20 (Malawian Kwacha) and 16 x 50kg bags of clothing for donation to victims of Cyclone Idia in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We thank you very much for your support.

Functional French: Grades 2 – 7 received French lessons, they gained confidence and should be able to communicate if the situation demanded. They have also been motivated to take up French when they go to Secondary School. Once again, we thank the friends of Crownhill School, Madam Genevieve and Monsieur Yvon for their passion and dedication and we look forward to their return to Zambia in 2021.

Payment of School Fees: You are all encouraged to deposit the fees in the School account during the holidays. Only children whose fees will have been paid will be allowed in class.

Scholarship: Three upper primary pupils won partial scholarships for attaining first position in the just ended termly tests. They will, therefore, only pay K1500 in Term 3. These are: Kondwani Sakala (G5), Thokodzile Chimbo (G6) and Chikhulupiliro Banda (G7). Encourage your child to work hard so that they can be the next winner of the scholarship.

School Website: We urge you to regularly visit the school website at for updates and insight activities taking place at school.

OPENING: Term 3 starts on Wednesday 4th September 2019 and ends on 29th November 2019. GRADE SEVEN HOWEVER WILL OPEN ON 19TH AUGUST. If you are taking your children on transfer, kindly let us know during the holidays.

We wish all the children an enjoyable holiday and look forward to welcoming them back to school.

Kindest regards,

Crownhill School.

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