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INSET Activity - Time and Classroom Management

On 21st Octobre, 2022, we had an INSET Activity.

The Director covered "Time as a Factor in Learning". Teachers were advised to use time effectively when teaching their pupils.

He referred to studies that were conducted Psychologists such as Benjamin Bloom, who triggered some ideas in terms of timetabling.

  1. Instructional Time - Time spent in instructing, assessing and evaluating pupils

  2. Allocated Time - Time that the school provides the pupil for instruction.

  3. Engaged Time - The portion of instructional time that students spend directly involved in learning activities.

Teachers were also given an activity where they had to work in groups of 4's whereby they had to list down ten circumstances in which time may be consumed, largely unplanned, in a classroom. The second task involved coming up with any suggestions for reducing evaporated times.

Here are some ideas shared among the teachers on how time can be evaporated in classroom settings:

- Teachers stated that late coming of pupils

- Unforeseen circumstances such as accidents

- Constantly joking with the learners

- Interruption by pupils

- Student discipline

Suggestions on how to improve time management included:

- Teachers should adequately prepare lessons

- Punctuality by teachers

- Reinforcing classroom rules.

- Educate parents on punctuality

- Educate children on time management

- Set priorities

- Motivate children on the importance of priorities

The next presentation focused on classroom management. Teachers discussed the different management styles; and how they can apply these styles in their classrooms.

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