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The Great Debate (Lower Primary)

A debate is an organised event where the participants present their arguments or discuss a topic from two different perspectives. The main objective of participating in a debate is to convince others about one's viewpoint.

The benefits:

  1. Develop excellent oral and written communication skills.

  2. Develop excellent critical thinking skills.

  3. Develop effective tools for research, organization and presentation.

  4. Develop strategies to overcome fears of public speaking.

  5. Discover the confidence and desire to participate in all academic classes.

Pupils who participate in debate will discover and develop the following skills:

  • Confidence – Belief in themselves and their abilities, and the desire to participate in all classes.

  • Curiosity – The passion of discovery through effective tools for research, organization and presentation.

  • Critical Thinking – How to explore the world through the lens of an inquisitive mind

  • Communication – Oral & written skills and strategies for lively yet respectful discussions & disagreements.

  • Control – Eliminate the fears of public speaking.

  • Creativity – The desire to explore, create and invent.

  • Camaraderie – Meet like-minded peers at tournaments and build healthy bonds of competition.

  • Leadership – Self-motivation and the ability to delegate assignments and manage peers.

Today, our lower primary classes participated in a Debate Competition. The motion being: "Should School Uniforms Be Abolished?"


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