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End Of Term 3, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have come to the end of this extra-ordinary academic year. A year in which COVID-19 immensely disrupted the calendar but thanks to the resilience of our teaching staff who found innovative ways of ensuring the syllabus was completed. During part of the year online instructions were used and 62% of the pupil population participated. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you individually and severally for being there for your children.

This year, the School presented 27 candidates for Grade 7 examinations and in spite of COVID-19 challenges, we are confident to produce outstanding results as our teachers remained resolute.

As you may be aware, the financial obligations which the school was expected to undertake two years ago are much less than which society expects us to undertake today. In order to maintain quality education, the school has to carter for many competing interests whose costs has not remained static, we have to procure teaching/learning requisites, pay salaries, settle utility bills, pay statutory fees to local and central government, maintain good sanitation and maintain infrastructure and the surroundings. These are but some of the inputs that go towards the provision of quality education. Therefore, in order for us to maintain quality and grow the institution, the fees for 2022 have been slightly adjusted as follows:

  • Enrollment fees for new entrants - K100

  • Pre-school fees ................................K 2400 per term

  • Primary school fees .........................K2800 per term

Please ensure fees are paid BEFORE the school opens. Our School Account number is 62621949752 held at FNB. Discounts will apply as before.

Remember as children report back to school, they must all carry hand sanitizer in their bags and if they are above five years old, they must mask up at all times. It is important that you encourage their drivers to mask up, not only when on school premises, but also in transit.

I wish you all a happy festive season and look forward to welcoming the children back at school on Monday 10th January, 2022.

Kind regards

Mwenya Musanshi


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