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Term 1, 2021 Has Come To An End

Dear All,

Term 1, 2021, operated under the new normal is finally over without any major incident. Life at School was not the same as children missed sporting activities and clubs which were suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We thank you for adhering to the guidelines and more so for having encouraged children to do the same. However, we noticed that taxi drivers did not always mask up. Kindly ensure that your children's driver is given the necessary health education.

Major Events in Term One:

  1. Spelling Competition at School - Congratulations to Sara Mukupa and Samuel Chilukutu Grade 4 and Nkole Daka Grade 7 for respectively winning the Lower and Upper Primary In-School Spelling Competitions.

  2. The Lower Primary Quiz - These were won by Joshua Nkhoma G4, Sara Mukupa G4 and Temwani Naluonde G4. Congratulations to the winners.

  3. Upper Primary Quiz - There was a tie between Grades 6 and 7. Winners included: Tapiwa Bili G6, Kenny Lukwesa G6, Angel Kifumbato G6, Ndanji Simutowe G7, Olivia Tembo G7 and Bongani Chanda G7.

2020 Grade 7 Examination Results: 26 candidates wrote the examinations. 24 of them scored between 804 and 704 points; 1 obtained 689 and 1 other candidate scored below 600. Half the number of candidates actually scored above 750. 25 out of 26 candidates were awarded Division ONE, while a lone candidate obtained Division 4. We will continue aiming higher as we strive to have half the class scoring above 800. Our analysis shows that children did not perform well in non-verbal reasoning (Special Paper 2). To ameliorate the situation, we have increased time of practicing Special Paper 2 from half an hour per fort night to an hour per week. However, in order to achieve our goals, we need parental support and involvement in children's work, particularly HOME WORK.

Punctuality: One of the virtues we want to implant in the minds of our children from an early age, is that time is linear as opposed to being cyclic. Unfortunately, a few parents are undoing our efforts of teaching children to be time conscious by dropping them late for classes and picking them late after school. The unintended message given to these future leaders is that it does not matter whether you arrive for a function, an appointment and indeed for work late. May we please improve on punctuality next term.

Payment of School Fees: You are encouraged to deposit School Fees in the School Account held at FNB Account No. 62621949752. Payments for hot meals and uniform purchases should be made in cash. School Fees must be paid during the holidays. Only children whose fees will have been paid shall be allowed in class.

Grade 7 Examination ID Badges: All Grade 7 pupils are required to pay K50 at the start of Term Two (2) for an examination Identity Badge.

Parents' Day: We had a successful parents' day this term with attendance at 95%. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, some of which, will be taken on board.

Opening: Term 2 2021 starts on Monday 10th May 2021 and ends on Wednesday 11th August 2021. Pre-school will however, take their half term holiday from 21st June to 25th June 2021. Please note these holidays in your diaries. If you are taking your children on transfer, kindly lets us know during the holidays so that you do not block place seekers.

We wish all the children an enjoyable April break and look forward to welcoming them back to School on 10th May 2021.

Remember: Children must observe COVID 19 guidelines even during the School holidays as the Pandemic is not also going on holiday.

Kind regards,

Crownhill School

Please take a look at some of the photos from the last day of Term 1


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